Turn your relationship managers into trusted advisors

Transform Your SMB
Banking Experience With Vymo

In a rapidly evolving market, banks need to reinvent the role of the traditional Relationship Manager.

You have to make the switch from transactional relationships to building trust with your customers.

Empower your relationship managers to do just that with Vymo.

Vymo offers

Insights to Improve


Identify ideal customer types and increase RM coverage.


Increase up/cross sell conversions through intelligent engagement.


Track all customer interactions and build contextual playbooks.

Day in the Life of a
Relationship Manager

Contacts 360

Enable Omnichannel

Address opportunities from different acquisition
channels through a unified interface effectively.

Integrated and
personalized offerings

Understand customer insights that
surface up sell and cross sell opportunities
at the right time.

Contacts 360
Contacts 360

Free up time from
reporting data

Capture activities automatically after every
interaction so relationship managers can focus
on high-value tasks.

Alerts and coaching

Provide timely coaching to course correct early
and help your relationship managers succeed.

Correlate sales
efforts to outcomes

Supervisors and Managers can compare customer
potential with engagement and outcomes to
understand the levers of improvement.

Selling is an art

Building a Successful Sales Org
is Pure Science